BMP Cotton - Best Management Practices

BMP versus Organic

Australian BMP Cotton is not organic cotton – but it is a cost effective environmentally and ethically responsible alternative product class – and the supply chain is 100 per cent reliable.

“In terms of water use efficiency, the cotton we are growing on our farm today is about 4 times more productive than the organic cotton we grew in the early 1990’s. To break it down into numbers, we can grow about 2 bales per megalitre today using modern varieties and farming techniques. When we grew organic cotton, we were achieving about 0.5 bales/ML.” Ben Coulton, Getta Getta Pastoral Company, Goondiwindi.

“Global sales of organic cotton and textile products are expected to reach US$2.6 billion in 2008 … At current price levels, production has a value of only US$120 million! This strongly suggests that a significant amount of the end product labeled as originating from organic cotton is, in reality, coming from conventional cotton.” Project Prospectus “Organic Cotton and Textiles: The Supply Chain from Field to Consumer. A Globecot/Olah Inc. Multi Client Project.

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