BMP Cotton - Best Management Practices

Less Water

We don’t waste a drop

“Enabling rainwater to be stored for future use or recycling water that runs off fields can dramatically improve water efficiency … the majority of cotton in the Murray Darling Basin (Australia) uses tail drains and ditches to capture water which drains off the field to direct water back into storage for reuse.” World Wide Fund for Nature – Cleaner Greener Cotton, Impacts and Better Management Practices

Some Facts

  • About 570L of irrigation water is used by an Australian cotton farmer to produce the fibre required for a T-shirt1. This is three times more efficient than the global average1.
  • Average urban water use in greater Sydney in 2008 equates to 340L per capita, per day – according to Sydney Water Data.

1 Average water use on Australian cotton farms = 6.3ML/ha. Average yield on Australian cotton farms = 9 bales/ha. 1 bale of cotton produces 1200 T-shirts

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