BMP Cotton - Best Management Practices

The grower

Who grows your cotton

  • Most Australian cotton farms are owned and operated by family farmers. These farmers grow other crops including wheat, chick peas and sorghum, and many Australian cotton farmers also graze sheep and cattle in conjunction with their cotton enterprise.
  • Australian cotton farms are typically 300 to 2000 hectares in area, highly mechanised and technologically sophisticated.
  • On average, these farms grow 362ha of cotton.
  • There are about 1500 farms which grow cotton in Australia
  • On family farms, all members of the family might help with the farm work at different times of the year. As summer is the busy time for cotton farming, many school children help on the family farm during their summer vacation.
  • Some Australian cotton farms are owned by large companies and are referred to as corporate farms.
  • Corporate farms are important to the Australian cotton industry as many of these companies have built cotton gins and also provide important services for local farms and towns.
  • 84 per cent of the 2005/06 Australian crop was grown under irrigation.
  • Australian cotton farmers do not receive any form of price support from the Australian Government.
  • Australian cotton farmers pay a voluntary levy to Cotton Australia for support in promoting the Australian cotton industry and Australian cotton.